a discussion group

organised by a couple who want to explore life, death, and everything else,

with others,

using their own Christian (biblical) beliefs,

as the catalyst for, discussion, debate, and discernment.

We hold regular public meetings in secular venues, occasionally with an ‘in the know’ guest.

That’s about it.


To find out where and when our next meetings are, click on EVENTS above.

Our Meeting Aims
1.    Discuss an interesting and/or important
2.    Share our beliefs on the topic
3.    Listen to differing or opposing beliefs on the topic
4.    Debate which belief is true or ‘more true’
5.    Discern for ourselves in our own time which belief is true or ‘more true’

Our Meeting Rules
1.    Listen and Share
2.    Assertion and passion is OK 
       (Aggression, passive aggression, and manipulation is not)
3.    Be prepared to agree to disagree

Our Meeting Order
1.    The Arrival and Welcome                    
2.    The Topic and Catalyst for the Discussion            
       (Christian/Biblical beliefs on the topic are shared)

3.    The Debate (differing beliefs can be shared and discussed)  

4.    Closing Remarks                           


Fag breaks, ordering food, going for drinks etc, can be done at any time.

It is a relaxed affair.

It’s really just a chat in the pub, about things you get looked at funny for when you talk about them at parties.

This is not  organised like an academic debate, it's discussion in a pub,

academia, knowledge, and book smarts are most welcome,

truth seeking, and a genuine appetite to have civil discussion are even more so.